Bad Clowns


Like the Masons, the Clowns have a super-secret contemporary society with evidently odd traditions.

The Clowns began in medieval Great britain as a Celtic tribe known as the " Klauns" whom scared off their foes by art work their looks white, their noses red, making their hair really ugly and reddish, and wearing oversized sneakers so that all their opponents will be frightened and thereby easily defeated.

About 1230, following meeting with Pope Gregory IX, the group now phoning themselves the " Klowns" chose to change their very own approach to the world and over the next 200 years began to be praised for being " funny and harmless, " thereby lulling the world in a false feeling of reliability.

The Mymes, being the only tribe who have didn't follow the Pope's advice, are still loathed to this day.

Therefore , are clowns evil? I offer an indefaticable " yes. "

In May-June of 81, phantom clowns with photos of the Satan on the front side of their attires chased kids and tried to lure all of them into vehicles.

Reports were coming in around America, by Boston, Pittsburgh, Omaha, and Kansas City. Although police looked into this extensively, they could never catch or locate any of the phantom clowns.

Reports Excerpt: " A legend clown for just one of the place's largest traveling circuses is under police arrest after being caught about videotape having sex with a teenage boy, police said today.

The clown was busted early Weekend in a home right here after allegedly sodomizing a 16-year-old son. Investigators explained the event was captured on a monitoring camera installed by the kid's father"



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