Conduit Map and London Subterranean



K: Look at the map, Mary. Our company is at the Financial institution now. Is it doesn't Central Line.

M: We should go to the Piccadilly Circus.

T: We can go to the Oxford Festival and change there to the Bakerloo Line plus the next train station will be the Piccadilly Circus.

Meters: Or we could go to Holborn, change to the Northern Series and the second stop will be the Piccadilly Circus.

K: A few count the stops. Within my variant you will find six prevents. M: And in my course there are only five in fact it is quicker. K: OK, discussing try the variant.



1 ) Read about the history of the Greater london Underground and answer the questions The London Subterranean

The Birmingham Underground was your first subterranean system in the world. It is above 140 years old. Its' development began in 1860. The machine was opened in 1863 and was only 4 miles long (6. your five kilometers) running from the western of Birmingham to the city in the east. It absolutely was not very profound and heavy steam trains were used. After that deeper passageways were built and in 1890 the electric powered railway was opened. Londoners called this technique the Pipe and it is nonetheless a very popular brand for the London Subway. Some deep stations of the London Underground were intended for protection of people during the Second World War. A great number of people use the subway system daily because it attaches nearly all the parts of this magnificent city. It is not the particular oldest as well as the biggest on the globe, but it is among the most modern and efficient systems, comprising 9 lines which will cover Birmingham. Questions: 1 . When would the construction from the underground commence? 2 . The moment was this opened? a few. How long was your first series? 4. Just how were the stations of the London Subway used through the Second World War? your five. What can you declare about the underground nowadays?

2 . Read and say what info is fresh (pay attention to the underlined phrases): The London Subway...



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