Clipping Time: January 24, 2014

Outlet: Sun Sentinel

Topic: Justin Bieber Busted for DRUNK DRIVING and out of date license

Summary of Story and PR Concept/Tactic:

Pop legend Justin Bieber was arrested in Miami, Sarasota for different illegal activities including drag-racing, driving under the influence, and driving with an expired license. Mr. bieber was after that taken in to custody the morning after and was incurred with DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE, and a bail set at $2100. Justin Bieber was then produced hours following his police arrest. When going out of the police stop, Bieber waved to supporters, and continued his approach. Bieber was silent, and not said anything pertaining to his arrest. Days later, he posted a photograph on his Instagram account, using a side by side photography of him waving to fans out side from the Miami Law enforcement Station, up coming to a photo of Michael jordan Jackson doing the same. The caption examine " What more can they say? ”, then later messaged on his recognized Twitter consideration, " You are all worthwhile, no matter what anyone says > > end up being strong The almighty is with us all > My own beliebers transformed my life > I will forever be pleased. ” Which was the previous Bieber explained about the situation. Precisely the same day, Justin's manager, Scooter tweeted him his accounts " @justinbieber love both you and i will work in the manner of someone who truly cares. that is certainly all I can say. nice all those concerned. ” That was all that was explained by Justin and his director.

Evaluation of PUBLIC RELATIONS Strategy Applied:

At first Justin explained nothing on the situation, and was silent for the, and performed nothing to shield his graphic. And when he finally opened and out of cash the quiet he would nothing to enhance the damage that were done times before. The only person who attempted to correctly shed some light on this situation, was his manager. Overall I feel that Justin explained nothing to better his dilemma because he sensed as though there was nothing this individual could perform. I feel after this situation, a lot of people felt good animosity toward him and...



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