The Add Kelley Band: Personal View

Michael Joseph

Country Music

April eleven, 2012

Professor Cooper

The Don Kelley Band

Acquiring an acceptance letter coming from Vanderbilt University gives virtually any student the ability of a college or university experience unlike any other. Could it be the sociable life? Can it be the Ancient greek language community? What about the Southeastern Conference athletics scene? The response to all of such questions can be yes. Nevertheless I did not mention what sets Vanderbilt apart from any school on the globe: its location in the downtown area Nashville. Nashville, Tennessee just isn't called " Music Town, USA” without reason. Through the Grand Ole Opry to the dozens of phases on Broadway, Nashville is definitely the epicenter of country music. Every night of the week, learners have the opportunity to walk, bike, or perhaps taxi cab down to Broadway to listen to some of the most skilled country designers in the world. Especially, The Put on Kelley group plays over a weekly basis at Robert's Western World and is also known as one of many elite cover bands in Nashville. After attending their show recording, it was apparent that their particular talent earned them their very own reputation. Through this paper, Let me overview the band, review their live performance, and draw connections involving the band and earlier ages of music. The Don Kelley Group has been in Nashville since 81 and has become performing in Robert's , the burkha since about 1990 ( Even before Broadway became the popular tourist interest it is today, The Wear Kelley Strap was carrying out in rundown bars getting newcomers via all over wanting to hear good live music. Although having been around for nearly thirty years, the band remains to be known for their ability to attract the best expertise around. Currently, the group consists of four musicians: Clever Joe Fick playing bass sounds, J. D. Simo trimming the electric guitar, Artie Alinikoff on piles, and the renowned Don Kelley at business lead guitar. In the four, M. D. Simo is the most youthful at just twenty-four years, nevertheless is by far one of the most talented. Just the age...

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