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Timetable (L5 BSBM G1) -- DRAFT







Promoting Management (PM205)


11: 00

two hrs

T Kitto

Newton Theatre

Logistics & Functions Management (PM206)


13: 00

2 hrs

Computer chip Barnett

Newton Theatre

Logistics & Businesses Management (PM206)


10: 00

you hrs

M Burke

Nelson Tutorial

Organization Orgranisation & Policy (PM204)


12: 00

a few hrs

Ur Cox

Nelson Tutorial

Marketing Management (PM205)


16: 00

two hrs

T Bredican

Die hard Tutorial

This is your plan for classes that you are planned to attend this semester, which in turn starts upon MONDAY 7th OCT. We wish to take this kind of opportunity to point out to you that attendance by any means lectures and classes is definitely compulsory. There is also a great deal of data that poor attendance causes lower pass rates and lower represents. Please make sure to register with your card for each and every lecture and class. This timetable has become prepared within your and it is essential that you follow this kind of timetable but not any other


Teaching several weeks: 7 October – 13 December

Revision Week: 16 January - 20 December

Exam Period: summer January -- 24 January


Every coursework and other assignments must be submitted via the Student Web site. This will quickly generate a TurnItIn survey. No hard copies of assignments will be accepted. This draft plan has been ready on the basis that you have finished and approved all of the tests for your themes to date. Checks may include submitting coursework and reports, attending presentations, course tests and exams. There could be some changes put in place once the Exam Planks and Merit Boards have met.

Any revisions on your timetable will probably be posted on trainees Portal therefore please make sure you log-in to the Website at least three times each week to check for just about any changes and also other notices. Make sure you also look at your emails on a regular basis.

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