Rationality as well as Significance in US' Diplomatic Missions

Inside the documentary, The Fog of War, Robert McNamara Secretary of Security from 1961 to 1968 said, " Rationality will not likely save us. " McNamara argues, " even though we failed, we all did react rationally. " Meaning, that they acted upon their finest evidence and motives, rationally; however , in the end they failed to realize the reality of the matter. Basically, the reason we did not have indivisible war was out of sheer good fortune. Therefore , McNamara draws the conclusion that rationality had failed them, and therefore it will not save us later on. Another point this lesson implies is that classical nuclear deterrence does not work. Elemental deterrence is dependent on the rationality of the players. Since rationality is regarded to be unreliable, it would mean that we are all condemned. The problem with this assertion is that rationality has been the only thing that has saved all of us thus far. In the event rationality was unreliable then we would have already been doomed from the beginning. However , the rationality of nations' frontrunners has which may keep us away from a nuclear war. Even though McNamara claims that it was luck that had prevented them from a conflict, it was the rationality of the former U. S. minister plenipotentiary to the Soviet Union, Llewellyn " Tommy" Thompson, who also advised President Kennedy to never attack Barrica. So , in fact , it is rationality that will save you us. To help develop this kind of theory we need to look at the progression of the US nuclear deterrent theories and what it is today in regards to new threats. Presently, the US possesses unquestioned superiority over any potential oppositions. However , ever since the 9/11 terrorists episodes up until the present, the US offers felt vulnerable by new opponents, just like non-state centered players and rouge international locations. In order to safeguard US national security, the Bush government has sensed the need to take out of the SODIUM 1 Treaty and build ABMs. As a result of this kind of aggressive move, the US has received much critique. Recently, Russian President Vladimir Putin openly warned against the...

Bibliography: 1) The Haze of Warfare. Errol Morris. Robert S. McNamara. Fiat Pictures, the year 2003.



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