Pakistan Current Condition

Regulations of movement for Pakistan's government

1st: energy may neither end up being created neither be demolished, but can alter its type. For Pakistan's current scenario it goes like

STRENGTH CAN NEVER BE CREATED; REALLY AVAILABLE FOR THE ELITE ONES ONLY. Gowns such a shameful actuality of our present power era scenario, phony promises are made in every treatment for simply no use as well as now clear to everybody that energy will never be available with such ludicrous advertisements about electricity trafficking and functioning air conditioner for 26 deg what a reason they have put forward.. Although they have loads of drinking water reservoirs which could serve as huge hydro electric power generating plants in the north of the nation, but again 2 weeks . sorry current condition of not making use of the nature's reservoirs. I recall the last year's experience of 17 hours directly breakdown of electric power in the whole Karachi location. That was such an impudent condition of our recent authorities that shows off the modern world Pakistan. Reports are full of scandalous predictions along with real facts but with a tag of complaint just and not due to the solution. Fresh graduates in the technology when tries to focus on it, are really condemned by the excuse of limited methods that displays the lack of desire for Pakistan's wealth. 2nd: each time a net force is applied on an object, it will move the thing in the applied direction with an speed equal in magnitude of the applied power Its presentation for this current government will go like

EVERY TIME A SHAMEFUL TAKE ACTION IS DONE BY PRESIDENT, IT WILL EVENTUALLY MAKE HIM MORE BRAVE FOR THE CONCERNED REASON THAT HAS A POTENTIAL EQUAL TO THE VOICE INCREASED AGAINST HIM. This is a true picture from the present visits made by each of our honorable chief executive to condemn the statements made by the United kingdom authorities and also to start up his son's politics career. Country is in it is worst condition these days and he has to impart his impression throughout the Europe at his personal expenses. What a shock to get the...



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