Master of the Lures Write Up

Alessia Panetta

Title: Lord from the Flies

Writer: William Golding

Genre: Story

Setting: 1940's, England, area in the middle of Europe, at this time Europe is swallowed up in conflict


5. Ralph – 12 years older, from Great britain, leader from the crew, he represents the human being behavioral instinct, he wants to survive, offers fair curly hair, shows maturity by looking to be a leader, realizes that to survive the group need to stick together and try their best to remain alive, Rob feels liable to take care of the littleuns being a leader, he tries to avoid savagery, Ralph wants to seem organized and pulled collectively, Ralph is the physic equipment of spirit, he will not want to take all of the power, this individual wants the group to equally have your vote on a primary.

* Jack – villain, leader with the hunters, desires power, becomes wild and cruel, intuition of savagery, says he could be going to eliminate the beastie and protect everyone, blue eyes, reddish colored hair= fire, mad, electrical power, believes wicked is inside everyone, paints face to camouflage himself as he tracks for swines, Jack feels as though he is becoming hunted, Jack port creates his own tribe and invitations everyone to a feast, Jack wants Piggy's glasses, he feels strengthened, fair hair vs . reddish hair, " we want meat”, Jack is definitely the psychic apparatus of identity, he was furious at what he was falsely accused of, won't care very much for/about the other boys, he speaks for these people saying we want meat.

* Simon – shy, sensitive, organic goodness, acts kindly, Christ figure, really loves nature, shiny eyes, rough black locks, bravest of them all, stands up pertaining to Piggy if the other boys pick on him, Simon was your first one to the beast is really a fear inside all the young boys, not an actual beast, Simon's conversation with Lord from the Flies foreshadows his loss of life later in the book, Simon is a physic equipment of superego, he attempts to be positive, help everyone, and doesn't need anyone to be scared of anything.

* Roger – one of the fortress rock fortress guards, Jack's equal in cruelty, he wrecked the littleuns yellow sand castles, this individual tried to put rocks at Henry although missed him on purpose, his movements imitate Jack, he's afraid to hurt Henry, Jack was afraid to hurt the pig, this individual wants to be exactly like Jack port so this individual follows every thing Jack will, Roger just cares about Roger

2. Piggy – whiny, adores his Auntie, talks about her when he first gets to the island, acts his age (immature), intellectual, the majority of his concepts led to innovation, almost a girl voice of reason on the island, his play name (Piggy) was revealed, lack of a " voice”, not really " allowed” to search with them, given menial tasks, harmonizes with Ralph, Plug always wants to make him feel bad and unimportant, Plug takes his glasses and uses those to make a fireplace, glasses=Piggy's power, the inability to view things evidently, Piggy may be the physic apparatus of identification, he attempts to be positive even when someone selections on him.

* Sam & Joshua – mixed twins allied with Ralph, usually together, known as " Samneric”, they are portion of the " bigguns”, they notify the boys they have viewed the beast, in reality they have seen a dead pilot who landed on the island of st. kitts, follow Ralph, they terribly lack much a say available

Plot Brief summary:

Chapters 1-2: The kids were over a plane as well as the plane damaged and they ended up being on this deserted island. They find the conch to represent order and authority. We all learn Plug is extreme and chaotic; the group forms predators and have your vote on market leaders. The beastie is first pointed out in these chapters, the litteun believes he saw snake-like creature in the forest. The first few nights move, they believe the ultimate way to attract attention and to regularly be survived this to start a fire but this plan of action fails as the fire was left unwatched.

Chapters 3-4: Through these chapters we see the boys' personalities develop more, we see how aggressive but civilized Plug is and Ralph desires to give in the games while using rest of the males but as a leader has to act ad 1 and stay in charge. All of us learn what style of youngster Simon...



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