American indian Independence Conversation

You may already know all of us have got gathered below to celebrate 67th independence time of our region. This day, after the hosting national flag, we usually make mistake simply by remembering the heroic deeds of simply few independence fighters. Although freedom struggling with was communautaire effort. With out cooperation, sacrifice and involvement of all Indians it was unattainable the freedom. Thus people of India had been the real national heroes at the rear of the achievement. We should share our genuine gratitude to any or all those who took part in in the independence struggle. This can only be created by defending our freedom like our primitive property which will cannot be valued. How to protect? Single person cannot defend it; once again group hard work is essential it can be nothing but unanimity. How to form this unanimity? We should always remember that only patriotism can form unanimity irrespective of faith, language, famille, customs and traditions. Thus having patriotism only conserve the freedom of our nation. To keep faith in secularism Simply no compromise must be with patriotism, Punish the forces that support terrorism Else 1 bad day time we will certainly loose the freedom. I would really like to express my views about the irony of Present India. How should I say ‘My INDIA is definitely great'? From this republic coming from schools to parliament, Elections are held at every moment, Children's will be taught fighting for the seat, How should I claim ‘My India is great'? Even following golden jubilee of unconstraint, Many citizens are not able to fill all their gut, Rich become wealthier and rests are indigent, How should I claim ‘My India is great'? People are emotionally divided by simply communalist, Line in the north and south has drinking water dispute, Market leaders are selfish and have no solving interest, How should I state ‘My India is great'? Capable civilians are facing unemployment, Socially unfits possess led the political movements, Voters happen to be under anxious of serious fear threat, How to say ‘My India can be great'? All are seeking rewards without efforts, Bribery has become the style of...



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