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Choose One Composition from three choices given from your educator. Write a crystal clear five paragraph essay. Make sure you include traditional facts to back up your thesis.

1 ) " The North American settlers rebelled up against the British crown as a result of going through economic, political, and legal oppression”. Show this thesis using for least several total examples.

installment payments on your George Washington, Alexander Stalinsky, and Thomas Jefferson acquired important tasks in helping the United States through its formative years. Make clear and assess the different ideologies and contributions of those key historical figures to the early American republic.

3. During Andrew Jackson's tenure since president of the United States this individual conducted 3 actions, which could be characterized as a debatable use of business power. Make sure you explain and analyze these types of actions and determine if Knutson abused his presidential powers.

5. During the Presidency of James K. Polk, the theory of " Manifest Destiny” backed demands for the growth of the continental United States to its present boundaries. This kind of vast new land, beyond the lands recently purchased by France just served to divide the nation further. Present at least three illustrations needed to clarify this statement.

5. Discuss and assess three problems or events between 1850 and 1860 which furthered the sectional tension and brought america closer to Municipal War.

6. The United States come about victorious over the Confederate States of America in the City war (1861-1865). Explain why this took place using armed forces, economic, and geographic thinking.

7. The Renovation era started in 1865 and through congressional and constitutional actions the expectations of Black equality were now being realized. Simply by 1877 these hopes of equality had been destroyed. From this essay, determine the key acts/events which aided the progress of African Americans during...



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