Miriam Salazar

The english language 1302

Doctor Marin

September, '04, 2013

What did I really do to achieve my own goal?

The life without an target is the regarded as the life with no direction. Goal setting helps you to wrap up where you want to become in the future. Everyone should have desired goals when they are striving to achieve a unique task. An illustration of this when desired goals are important to obtain is when people attend college. Therefore , I actually developed personal goals which i considered essential in obtaining during my time in my English language class. My spouse and i seemed to ask myself, so what do I really wish from this category? What am I striving for? To start with, what I specifically wanted was going to pass my personal English training course with top marks. Besides seeking a good grade as result of my efforts and determination, I wanted to find out how to get involved with my reading, writing and learning. For reasons uknown all of my own English classes seemed to always be hours and hours long when in reality it was only 1 hour lengthy. The fact that we didn't delight in writing and reading will make the training course so much harder and monotonous. My objective for this earlier English category was to become involved in the class and discover the way to like what I would and enjoy time and learning while staying in there. Hard work and dedication were definitely important to achieve my own goal. It was not easy to remain concentrated and understand anything right away; I had developed to make an effort different methods. Learning doesn't stop at the classroom's door. Consistence and dedication had been even harder due to my personal work and personal schedule. My spouse and i didn't need to allocate my very little spare time to a subject I quite don't like and revel in. I always maintained thinking and pushing me personally to actually do my homework. It all requires time and patience. Detail by detail, Little by little I actually started choosing the good aspect, the " good taste” of reading and writing. Participating in class and providing an Little more of me into the class...



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