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Module Name: Understanding Business

Module Code: UGB 119

Job 2 – Eastern Food

Module Head: Alexander Bickerton

Student Name: XUE TINGTING

Student Amount: 129176109

Date of Submission: 3rd Monthly interest


1 . Introduction

installment payments on your The issues

i. HRM





i. Accounting

ii. Marketing

4. Summary

5. Referrals

6. Sortie


You must do the same exploration and make before wide open a new cafe. As a member of UK organizing team, I have to provide a survey about the challenges facing Eastern Food in next few months, which can be very important point for beginning your business. BECAUSE the saying should go, everything is not easy in the beginning, to open a new restaurant, it will certainly encounter problem. For instance , there is no way to appeal to customers at a loss or gain customers nevertheless no profits which lead restaurant possess a normal business. Furthermore,complaint because of food safety issues. Next, recruiting and post-training. For a administrator, it is also essential psychological qualities,and can explain the problem & make reasonable decisions and take the initiative & respond flexibly to change situations. Hence, publishing a report may help you know that what issues you will meet and enable you can do emotional preparation. The challenges


Human resource management (HRM, or simply HR) is the administration process of a great organization's workforce, or human resources. It is in charge of the appeal, selection, training, assessment, and rewarding of employees, while also supervising organizational leadership and lifestyle and guaranteeing compliance with employment and labor laws. (WIKIPEDIA, 2014) Thus, producing Eastern Food which require the HR office must make in advance and qualified individuals to start. We really need make an idea to attract people join us, and we will face the choice of employees that what we want employees, managers, chef and waiter or other to do and they need to meet the satisfactions. Whether the recruitment of employees and compliance with labour laws and regulations and the rules of rights. Organization is usually not a straightforward tree, pulp, machinery or perhaps inventory. Hrm involves the use of management capabilities and guidelines. Its function is placed on the recruitment, mining, repair, and reward employees. The staff's decision must be tweaked. On different factors of the decision-making of staff, it must contend with other human resources (HR). Decisions will certainly impact the validity of the restaurant. The effectiveness of an organization need to lead to increased services to customers at a reasonable cost to provide in the form of high-quality items. Accounting

Accounting will have an effect on the financial restaurant, an obvious accounts will undoubtedly bring various convenient eating places. The benefits reflect the elements of corporate and business accounting. 1 . Revenue

Income is an venture formed in daily activities, that will lead to an increase in owner's equity and the total inflow of capital is not related to the financial interests in the owner of inputs. installment payments on your Costs

Cost refers to an business in their daily activities, which will result in decrease in customer's equity, and profit is not related to the division of the total outflow of economic rewards to the owner. 3 Earnings

Income is an enterprise in a certain accounting period operating results. Net gain includes profit after subtracting expenses, benefits and failures directly acknowledged in current profit and so on. Directly as part of the current earnings gains (Gain) or damage (Loss), which in turn shall be a part of profit or perhaps loss that refers to will certainly lead to modifications in our occurrence of changes in owners' equity, and the owner from the invested capital or earnings unrelated for the owner or perhaps the distribution of profits loss. Marketing

Promoting is an important part of...

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